2017 Fall Craft'za: Now Two Days!

New This Year:
We are moving to a two-day format for the fall Craft'za, with a twist. Each day (November 18-19, 2017) the show will feature a different, unique roster of artists! The jury will consider Saturday and Sunday as individual events, carefully selecting a curated variety of artists & products for each.

Why Make This Change Now?
There are several benefits of this new format:

  • Larger booth spaces: We've rearranged the floor plan to widen aisles while increasing your available space. Individual spots are now 8'x8'!
  • Fewer artists per day: Each day's event will include 50 artists, which means less competition for shopper dollars during your day of the show!
  • More artists overall: We can now accept 100 total participants instead of 70. Expanding to two days means better chances for you to be accepted!
  • Variety attracts an audience: Sunday is typically slower for weekend-long events. Changing the artist lineup creates excitement and gives Saturday shoppers a reason to return.

What Hasn't Changed
For this year's Craft'za we are returning to the Grain Belt Bottling House, which is a heated and fully indoor space in beautiful Northeast Minneapolis. The show is still free to attend, so attendees are using all their money to shop from you, not to get in the door. Artists are selected by jury to guarantee only the finest quality handmade art and crafts for holiday shopping.

In addition to the art inside, we plan on the participation of food trucks as usual, to keep everyone full and happy throughout the event. Plenty of free public parking is located nearby. The Craft'za is hosted by Scuttlebug LLC.

Event Details

  • The 6th Annual Minneapolis Craft'za
  • Saturday & Sunday, November 18-19, 2017
  • Open to the public from 10am-4pm both days
  • At the Grain Belt Bottling House
  • Food trucks outside
  • Admission is free!
  • No cost to apply
  • $125 booth fee if accepted

Application Instructions

Applications are online. After approving the terms & conditions, there is a one-page form to apply for consideration. Applications will not be accepted after July 31. Artist selection is juried. You will be notified by email of the jury's decision no later than August 15.

Tips for a good application

  • Include a detailed description of your products.
  • Take good pictures! We are judging based on the quality of your art, so use lighting and layout that highlight how awesome it is.
  • Be sure not to miss anything. Incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance.

Before submitting your application materials, especially double-check that you entered a valid email and website link. If your email address doesn't work, we will not be able to reach you!

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to reviewing your application.


Q: Can I apply now to participate?
A: Almost yes! Click here to apply.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Please read the terms & conditions carefully before applying. Then, fill out the complete application form and press the "Submit Application" button. Easy!

Q: Is there a cost to apply?
A: No, it is free to apply for the show. If you are selected for participation then full payment for your space ($125) will be due at that time.

Q: How are artists selected?
A: Craft'za is a juried show. After July 31 the application process will be closed, and the jury will select this year's participating artists from the applications that have been submitted. No applications are accepted after this date, but artists who are not selected in the initial jury round may be called from the wait list if a spot opens up.

Q: What is the jury looking for?
A: Everything sold at Craft'za has to be handmade, and artists are required to attend the event. Beyond that we are seeking items that are high quality, appropriately priced, and distinctive. Overall variety among artists is very important and participation in previous years does not guarantee selection.

Q: OK but what do you mean by "handmade"?
A: Just that you contribute a substantial part of the creative process behind your products. You are not required to personally complete every step of the process yourself, but you should control it. Please be clear in your application about your role in the creation of your art.

Q: How many artists will be in the show?
A: We are accepting 50 artists per day, 100 total.

Q: I accidentally submitted an application with incomplete or incorrect information. What should I do?
A: You will receive email confirmation of your application. Use the link included to edit your response.

Q: What is the Grain Belt building?
A: The Grain Belt Bottling House is part of the historic Grain Belt brewery campus in Northeast Minneapolis. The atrium, where the Craft'za will be held, is an open area that is easy to access. To visualize the space, these photos from last year's event show what the atrium looks like when it's full of artists and shoppers. Oh... and it is heated!

Q: I'm interested in the St. Paul Craftstravaganza; where can I learn more about that?
A: Right here is the place.

Q: How do I get notified about future opportunities?
A: Subscribe to our mailing list to receive information about other shows and events that we are involved with. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.

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